Phats De Juvenile – Helium (Afro Remix)

Phats De Juvenile – Helium (Afro Remix)

Phats De Juvenile – Helium (Afro Remix) Mp3 Download

Off the back of a very successful Ithuna EP, Phats De Juvenile is back with a brand new single titled Helium (Afro Remix). This song pays homage to the very vast South African culture, from the catchy beats to the meticulous production Phats De Juvenile creates a unique sound that is sure to resonate amongst listeners.

Helium (Afro Remix)

This song is a well crafted piece of art. Its lush instrumentation as well as its impeccable arrangement creates a captivating listening experience. Helium(Afro Remix) would be a great addition to the music collection of any music lover. This song is a breath of fresh air for music lovers due to its unique composition.

The Artist

Phats De Juvenile has a unique ability to hold his listeners in awe when listening to any of his works. He has mastered the art of making music that resonates with the soul of both old and young. This track is evidence of his musical ingenuity.


Helium (Afro Remix) is available for streaming on Apple music, Spotify or you can just click below to listen to it.


Download Phats De Juvenile – Helium (Afro Remix) Mp3 

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